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Come Death
Why are we still living all the lies
The lies that man himself devised
We walk assured
And undeterred
Heading straight towards our demise
And why?
War's still knocking on our door
Exactly where we've stood before
Walking numbers
Atomic thunder
The truth is still the world's whore
In war
Mind decay
We hide away
That we obey
Defile all that still remains!
Welcome to the man machine...
Slaves unto the modern age
Locked up in the debtor's cage
It must be nice
When it's someone else who's paid
Mind decay
We hide away
That we obey
Defile all that still remains!
Welcome to the death regime--
Breathing in one last breath
The air escapes our hollow breast
In all our pride
We still denied
As Earth it takes its final rest
Come death
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 14 7
All alone in this desert ocean
I've been forgotten by the tides
Dashed between the waves of my emotion
Caught in an endless storm I cry--
Out into the darkness
Screaming as I try to climb
. . .
Drowning in the shadows
Deeper than the starlight can shine
. . .
Devoured by the questions
Lurking in the depths of my mind
. . .
Falling ever farther
Swept up in the currents of time
As I wade through the endless divide
Burning questions take me ever closer
But from light the answers hide
Candle fires offer no more closure
Than the endless dark I fight--
Back with every notion
Telling me what's wrong or right
. . .
Freezing from the howling
Wind that rages through the night
. . .
As the fire's fading
I cut myself upon the rime
. . .
Chilling to the marrow
Watching as the flickers die
As I search for a spark of divine
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 11 6
Dragon Sketch (Digital) :iconmaldictus:Maldictus 3 0
Hiding Place (My Escape)
It's two A.M.
And still I sit here writing
To push away the biting
Of a mind self-consumed and hiding
From all the questions trying
To open up my weaknesses
Get me to confess
That I'm a mess
Hidden behind smiling
'Cause I question what I know
And I've forgotten where to go
To see the world's wonder
All the beauty it could show
As I sit here
Forgotten in the flow
I'd say I miss my childhood
When I thought that I still understood
The broken lines
Set to divide
Who was bad
And who was good
But all I see these days
Is the blanket shade of greys
From lies like smoking towers
Hiding truth behind the haze
Cause I'm still fazed
By a world wrought in arrogance
Sweet ignorance
Collecting our inheritance
Rats trapped in our own maze
So I question what I know
'Cause I've forgotten where to go
To see the world's wonder
All the beauty it could show
As I sit here I
Watch the dying of the glow
I must confess
That I can't acquiesce
The reason for these things
That I've come to det
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 15 11
Mirror Mirror
Looking into madness
Silver plated canvas
Shattered yet unbroken
Where darkness has awoken
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Watching as the curtain falls
I'm stuck here in these empty halls
Haunted by your staring
What is it you want from me?
You hateful visage that I see
Cackling there in apathy
And still you keep on glaring
Looking into madness
Silver plated canvas
Shattered yet unbroken
Where darkness has awoken
Always getting clearer
The demon in the mirror
His face is coming nearer
The facade that he's bearing
Revealing what's behind the mask
As the visage starts to crack
Now there is no turning back
From the gaze we're sharing
Looking into madness
Silver plated canvas
Shattered yet unbroken
Where darkness has awoken
Please tell me no; this can't be true
This thing that I am forced to view
It couldn't be; it can't be you
The image that you're wearing
The shards are scattered on the floor
But still your laugh I can't ignore
It's a shriek I've heard before
At my soul it's tearing
Looking i
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 23 13
Who Are You?
Who are you that stands before me?
So beautiful and humble
I would swear I've stumbled into a dream
Yet no mortal mind could dream up such grand perfection
Who are you that I've known for but a fraction of life?
Yet I feel you have been forever here beside me
And still for yet not long enough have I known you
For a lifetime would be too short to know your smile
Who are you that has made my life to shine so bright?
As a fireside respite from the long dark of journey's night
A storm beacon for my tempest-caught soul
Standing golden upon sun-licked sands
Who are you with voice so comforting?
To wrap me warm in its soft embrace
With ease you have drawn from me my fears
Casting them out with your gentle touch
Who are you to bring me such elation?
A prayer answered to such fidelity
The likes I have never known before
To embody my hopes; my dreams; my paradise
Who are you that incites this courage in me?
To follow you down each uncharted path
Unfazed by threats of the unknown
So long as I may
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 18 9
Am I Human?
Am I Human
If I can't feel why I'm here?
Am I Human
If I want to disappear?
Am I Human
If the light, it burns my skin?
Am I human
If I don't know right from sin?
There's a danger in me
This blatant stranger in me
And I can't fight
From what I can't hide
This fuckin' anger in me!
And I've tried to pick up these pieces
Of the things that I've shattered
And the shards that I've lost
Were the things that really mattered
But too late did I realize
That I'd become so numb
That the glass of all my memories
Cut me till I succumbed
To the things that I hate most
Me, myself and I
That I'd become a ghost
Was I still human when I died?
Am I Human
If it was never really me?
Am I Human
If there was no more I could be?
Am I Human
If it's the one thing that I'm not?
Am I Human
If it's the thing that I forgot?
It was never what I meant
All the empty words I spent
But they never gave a damn
I had no reason to repent
Cause this world, it bled me
And it fed me
A diet it meant to end me
But you know what I
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 67 36
(I am a wayward son; a monster of rebellion)
(I am a fallen one; an angel of transgression)
(Christen me: Tenebri'el)
I was born of perfection, yet I was meant to bow?
This flesh that you call human, what good are they now?
Can't you see they're weak, god? These mortal men you prize
The world is for the meek, god? Won't you open up your eyes?
Is this to be my height, god? Are they really all I'm for?
Then maybe Satan's right, god, to start a holy war
(I know what I have done; my soul without repentance)
(I was cast out; shunned; hell bound to serve my sentence)
We've culled them through the centuries, exposing all their lies
We've shown to you their flaws, everything that you despise
Yet somehow they're worth saving; my lord, how can this be?
With the way that they're behaving, what in them can you see?
For all their wicked wanings, you still insist they're good
Are they more than novelty? Have I misunderstood?
It was not that they could break, but what they could become
Not p
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 20 27
One More Sin
I've been alone upon this road
I thought I'd do it on my own
Cause I was so invincible
And so young
When fate came knockin' on my door
I thought I'd wage a one man war
Sweet arrogance would blind me from
The sun
And too late did I see
The ground beneath my feet
Had fallen away
Crumbled away
From the lies I've told
And stories I've sold
I've lived a life entrenched in sin
Why couldn't I see
What I've done to me
Have I fallen too far to rise again?
I'd take it all back if I could
But it's too late
Sickness taken all I had
Never thought I'd get this bad
But hindsight makes a fool
Of us all
Now I lay here on my bed
So restless deep inside my head
Regretting all the years that I
Had done wrong
And too late did I see
The ground beneath my feet
Had fallen away
Crumbled away
From the lies I've told
And stories I've sold
I've lived a life entrenched in sin
Why couldn't I see
What I've done to me
Have I fallen too far to rise again?
I'd take it all back if I could
But it's too late
Far too late
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 20 2
The Druid
It is I who guard the wilds
From desecration so reviled
Attuned to the world
Ever since I was a child
My circle is unbroken
With secret words it's spoken
From within my glade I watch
The protector has awoken
Nature by my side
Another wild ride
A beast in man's skin
No place to run or hide
From the wrath of the wilderland
Sky falling by my ancient hand
The twisted roots will grasp
Raising thorns on your last stand
Wildshape; you can't escape
I'll bring you to your knees
Carving out my territory
When I make you bleed
It's the law of the wild
The call of the pack
I hope you were prepared
'Cause nature won't hold back
So learn your lesson well
And you might live to tell
That this forest is defended
By those who in here dwell
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 9 22
Three Nights
Though just three nights you were in sight
You trapped me in your gaze
The first embrace was just a taste
Of how you would amaze
For you could see the real me
And set my soul ablaze
With green eyes that now comprise
My endless thought cascade
The porcelain that was your skin
With golden hair so sleek
And charming smile that shaped an isle
Into your red rose cheeks
Delirious, so curious
From all your scent did speak
It's no surprise that from your guise
I was left so weak
"Tick-tock" went the clock
That chased the nights away
Countless fears of countless years
You kept them all at bay
With just a touch, that meant so much
There's nothing left to say
But to gird with just these words
I love you every way
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 18 8
The Bard
Silver tongued; quick like the whip
I'm always ready with another witty quip
The virtuoso; a musical magician
Setting words like a tactician
Sing them all into submission
I've never needed to audition
To play my masterpieces
For all the world to hear
Making them bow by their ears
And a song for all my foes
Laying laments on their fears
I create and I inspire
I'll set their minds on fire
With the words that I write
I can move a whole empire
Sweet nectar from the strings
Ambrosia dripping wings
Of the angels voice that calls
When I begin to sing
I can charm, I can dance
I can spin a quick romance
A face for all occasions
I'll have them at a glance
Into my trance
Held to every move I make
Fingers fly across the fret-board
I'm the rockstar of yore
And they're hanging on by each cord
But ecstasy and harmony
They're only but a part of me
I can sing you a dirge that'd
Make the world fall apart, you see
Striking terror in the hearts
Of the men that will depart
This world, before I start
My nex
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 31 11
The Barbarian
Feel the might of the berserk
I'm battle made masterwork
And any strike that you land
Is another blow that I can shirk
Don't need no shields
Just a weapon in each hand
Fighting this war like
Each day is my last stand
My axe is of flying fury
I am more than the judge and jury
An executioner of man
Making blood run like mercury
My blade will feast on you
By the time that I am through
The mighty roaring beast
A one man wrecking crew
I'm a warrior master
Of control through disaster
Like Barbarian law says
Live fast or die faster
Feel the rage; break the cage
Another battle I will wage
Bringing fight after fight
And I don't need to be a sage
To know I'll prob'ly die young
Yet the thought has only stung
If I imagine that I'll be
The song bards never sung
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 22 32
Broken Things
See the child standing at the cliff's edge
The fire flux within his breast
Breathing in the ashes of his anguish
His first bitter taste of anger
Fueled by the words that mark him danger
No helping hand to guide
As the molding voices chide
Dismiss the streaks that burn his cheeks
They taught him not to trust
With the spearing words that thrust
Him off the sanctuary's edge
Too far to reach love's cusp
And as the boy grows older
He has a devil on each shoulder
The seething tongues that wrap his mind
They say he'll be a monster
No heed to which they foster
The beast they feed with posture
Towards the pain that they mistake
For their child's unrestraint
The fear and the shame
The worry and the blame
That he carries around each day
More to his own dismay
A tempest deep beneath his vest
The writhing snake within his chest
Coiled round his broken heart
Anger tearing him apart
The fangs gripping at his neck
Choking out his words with venom
His bloodshot eyes screaming why's
To the heaven beyond
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 15 10
The cacophony is endless
Marring all throughout my senses
A thousand voices at the walls of my mind
Their nails like static upon my conscience
Claws reaching through the folds
In futility I hold
With nowhere left to hide
Imprisoned by my weakness
Set upon from all sides
The noise, it never ceases
Screeching, wailing
The cacophony is jailing
I have no room left to squirm
No more sides left to turn
Down come crashing the stone
With which I built these spires
Their once golden sheen
Has tarnished by their fires
Now they've broken in, they surely won't let go
The mental tempest choirs
The noise, it crawls beneath my skin
Ripping every thought out from my marrow
Harrowed, their cacophonic arrows
The only escape, ever closing narrow
They encircle my reprieve
This sacred thing of mine
Taking hammers, forming cracks
Shattered to the point I lack
A will to endure the menace
The cacophony is endless
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 11 9
The Abyssal Choir
The nightmare's dark, black and white
My vision screams as I speak the words
My heart pounds, the air is tight
In evil dreams there something stirred
Can you sense it watching you?
The eyes within the night
Can you feel it stalking you?
The darkness beyond light
The summoning, aberrant king
The sooth-signs fall from elder bound
A ritual, hearkening
Nine seals form unhallowed ground
Surrounding void closes in
Dimensional displace
Insanity absolve thy sin
Affliction to embrace
It hides among the minds of man
It weaves within the darkest strands
But when the light has fade away
The darkness comes to claim its prey
A history in arcane cast
Trust not the world around
A mystery from our dark past
Broken chains become unbound
Hear them sing, the hidden things
A cacophony beyond abyss
The black star come, madness brings
A writhing mass of nothingness
Can you hear the mumbling?
The monster beyond space
Can you see them crumbling?
When they look upon its face
Look inside, the truth tells lies
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 16 15

Random Favourites

Cosmic Questions
Every discovery etches away at the mystery of the universe;
Yet, certain questions still persist:
Will the human race stretch its hand across the galaxy,
    And snatch up the Milky Way like frontierland?
Will we build golden gates between stars and systems
    As though their black, incalculable distances
    Were merely bridgeable, conquerable rivers?
Will the claims of human commerce and social property
    Continue expanding and expanding
    Like the unaging, swelling span of space itself,
    Infinitely, infinitely and without boundary?
Will these questions continue unfolding without end?
Or will the immense cosmos,
    Floating in the waters of its own unknowable mystery,
    Break open like a soap bubble,
    And all answers vanish with the questioners?
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 13 3
Ms. Orc-08 :iconbayardwu:bayardwu 887 9 Oneeye-1 :iconjeremiahkauffman:jeremiahkauffman 17 6 space vortex :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 621 111
Thoughts on the Moonlight
The stoic moon adrift in nothingness
Serenely sails on waters pitch with night,
Seducing starlight with her loneliness
To wither with the dawn in bluish light.
Thus sailing she above the heartless sea,
Knowing well that cold sea wants a heart,
Rains down dull moonlight like a nepenthe,
And colors all my travails with her art.
A shipwrecked soul, irreparably rift,
Forever stranded between estranged lands,
I reach the maiden moon to kiss her hands;
And since we sail alone, recluse, adrift,
I join her flight, diving into the clear
Black waters, heart in hand, and disappear.
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 30 40
Blank Verse
What deity do you embrace and love
As you endeavor hard to keep your mind
Within a dying world so dark and cold?
What grand design do you pursue with vim
Compels you to endure the boundless pain
That comes to life within this mortal coil?
But then again one must inquire with haste
What does it truly matter in the end?
Can we in honesty encounter God
Before the day that we are called to him
Into Eternity' exquisite hands?
The world lives on for now and so do you
As you observe a dragonfly in flight
The gleam of sun reflecting off his scales
You wonder where it is he aims to be
And how that question can apply to you
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 19 9
[CM] Prepare For War :iconbearcub:bearcub 159 6 Rogue concept :iconbearcub:bearcub 160 8 Mountains of Lofoten :iconm-eralp:m-eralp 745 23
Black Hearted
It's an oily black heart
That pumps greasy black blood
Through this world's
Sick and dying veins
A ruin and a farse
There's nothing left now
Of what once was
In years full of hope
Ash and dust cannot soak
Up all of this liquid
This terrible black
Mockery of life
How long until it stops
The dreadful beating
Of that oozing heart
That symbol of defeat
Our failures are splattered
Across the walls and floors
Of what were once towers
Taller than our capacity
To retain our dead humanity
:iconabyssafire:AbyssAfire 5 0
I want to be in love.
Some people have told me that I need to focus less on being wanted.
People say that I need to rely less on the arms of another to curl around me,
But I can't help but desire the feeling of someone else's warmth.
I want to be loved in such a way that the pain of breathing feels okay.
That I can take a deep breath and close my eyes and feel safe.
I want to be able to look into the mirror and know that someone sees softness,
Where I only see blemishes and scars from picking too deep at too much.
I want to look at the small curves of my fingertips and see what someone dreams about.
And I want a hand that curves around mine and grasps tight.
I want someone to want to kiss me the way I want to kiss them.
I want someone to curl me up and flip me around and laugh when I laugh,
Not even because it's funny but because they love the sound so much.
I want someone who will see me in a paper bag and say that I could walk the red carpet.
I want someone who watches me take off my
:iconnovelwrite:Novelwrite 4 0
The Thing Itself
an ornate poetry
died in my throat,
bones of inadequate metaphor
blocked it off, rejected
once the thing itself
couldn't be described
any more deeply
than the dark it already was
and it reduced
wit and intricacy
to mere methodologies,
scarves knit to buy time
and illusion of presence,
warm decorations, draped
to convince ourselves
we were the ones still alive
in the same way
that death fears
no harbinger of itself,
there are untouched, unmapped reaches
to this life's expedition,
untamed and undreamt borders
loosely stitched into science
established only after the fact
we fear the dark
because we know
what of our origin lives there
and what, in daylight,
still needs the weight
of that shovel and dirt, to remind it
on which side of the horizon
it resides
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 28 7
Sittin' on a Cinderblock
The rhythmic thud of hammer on wood.
The inconsistent whir of the saw blade.
The gentle breeze of cars passing along the road.
There's music in the everyday.
The wind picks up ever so slightly.
The grass at my feet flutters in response.
Nettles sway to and fro as I watch.
There's beauty in the everyday.
A single drop of rain strikes my arm.
I raise my head to a tapestry of mixed greys.
Will it pour or will it pass?
There's wonder in the everyday.
The palette seems almost muted here.
Faded greens and sawdust browns.
The burnt umber of rust staining locks.
There's colour in the everyday.
My skin tightens as the wind grows stronger.
The sensation is uncomfortable yet strangely pleasing.
I have to go now, a task calls to me.
There's always something to do in the everyday.
:iconteenagedirtbag96:TeenageDirtbag96 3 0
Melodies and Metronomes
They like to say that we're in control
But the truth of the matter is we're not at all
Yeah the soldiers are fighting
While babies are crying
To give them peace
Politicians denying
The weak and the dying
What they most need
Because we march to the melody
But sing to the metronome
Yeah we march to the melody
But sing to the metronome
They make excuses to start a war
But I don't know that we need excuses anymore
They say we fight for our freedom
And kill for a reason
But they're lying
They just want a kingdom
To give them a reason
To force us on our knees
Because we march to the melody
But sing to the metronome
Yeah we march to the melody
But sing to the metronome
We give them our sanity
And let them take control
They're stuck in their vanity
While they steal our souls
Because we march to the melody
But sing to the metronome
I'll keep on trying
To stop innocents dying
In the streets
While governors try hiding
And lawyers keep lying
About their prophesies
Because we march to the melody
:iconharkenmyrevenge:HarkenMyRevenge 8 4
Energy dance :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 399 24
Rampage in the Nightworld Forest
In the Morningworld of Forest, there’s scurrying and much unrest
foxes run, their tails a-quiver, snails and slugs race all-a-slither
through the grass and fairy rings, through the slime and squishy things,
over tree roots, squashing fungi, snorting, snuffling. My oh my!
Followed by all mice and rats, squirrels, owls and some stray cats
running, leaping, there’s no sleeping. Hear the squeaks of wakened bats.
Hurry hurry, tis soon time when Wizards cast their spells in rhyme
to rise up squirtling, squorting things, that run with legs on hairy springs
and squib down fairies toadstool homes, chewing on old goblins bones,
painting black upon the trees, cracking nuts between their knees
regurgitating greenish stuff, a liquid moss that gathers fluff,
groaning, moaning, gibbering – plant-life before them withering.
These blackened souls, they’ll claim the night, for tis their time and awful right
when moon on wane hangs down real low, for power of the dark will grow
:iconshelleypalmer:shelleypalmer 5 7




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"Wise men create proverbs; fools repeat them."

My life in a nutshell: I'm Alaskan born; moved to the lower forty-eight when I was relatively young. Homeschooled through most of my life, with the exception of a brief three-year stint in a public school. While there, I picked up a passion for writing fiction and poetry, spurred on by my teacher. I've since used writing as a hobby, though I intend to pursue it to a career as a novelist. While I'm working on that goal, I've decided to use DA as my outlet for all my creative fancies and literary venting, in hope of feedback and maybe giving others something enjoyable to peruse in the process.

If ya need a picture of who I am as a person, it's probably better described by this than anything I can conjure up:…
While it's not completely accurate (to me), it'll give a good general idea. The main exception for me lying in that while I apply an INTJ methodology to life, I cross the edge into an INFJ for creative purposes. I'd much rather spend my time dreaming up stories than just about any other mental gymnastic.
If you're interested in the psychology of personalities, I'd highly recommend poking about on there and even testing your own. I personally find the theory and conclusions in which they examine the persona to be fascinating.

If that's too much reading for you (then I'm surprised you've got this far ;P), and you prefer the good ol' direct approach, I'll oblige conversation and questions. Leave a comment, shoot me a note, whatever. I'll get back to you when I've found myself in a good moment for it. ^^


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